The Upper Room Fellowship

The Upper Room Fellowship


The Upper Room Fellowship is now meeting at a new location. please click ON Announcements for info.,-84.416059&z=15&t=m&hl=en-US&gl=US&mapclient=embed&q=1600%20Howell%20Bridge%20Rd%20Ball%20Ground%2C%20GA%2030107

We meet every Sunday
Fellowship begins a 9:30 AM ET
Worship Service begins at 10 AM ET


Location: Inside of Art Of Living Ministries
1600 Howell Bridge Rd.
Ball Ground, GA 30107
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About The Upper Room Fellowship


Welcome to The Upper Room Fellowship & Caspar McCloud Ministries, Inc.

Thank you for visiting our website. We invite you to come worship with us and celebrate the teachings of  our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth-Messiah Yeshua our Saviour.

Senior  pastor  Caspar McCloud  is  also  an  author of  such  books  as: What  Was I Thinking?  This book helps  you  take  control of  your  thought  life  in  obedience  to  Christ. McCloud  is  a  staff  writer  with  Dr. L. A.  Marzulli’s  magazine  PP&S -Politics, Prophecy and  the Supernatural. He is also the author of such books as Spiritual Encounters with the Shroud – Interviews with L.A. Marzulll and the newly released Unmasking the Future.

“Signs and miracles surely to follow!” Mark 16:15-20

There is No such thing as an incurable disease, for all things are possible with God. Join us as we share the Gospel, with the latest scientific and medical research to break down the places hindering you in the past from receiving blessings,  restoration and healing today. Come expecting signs, wonders and healing miracles. The Upper Room Fellowship A Place To Experience God’s Amazing Love And The Outpouring Of His Glory. Learn and understand how you are able to literally rewrite your future by changing your brain health. Gain insights with the potential to change your entire life in the best possible way. Understand what is unfolding prophetically on the world stage that you are prepared. Learn to live a life that is glorifying to Christ. 
Researcher and author of such books as “What Was I Thinking?”, “Spiritual Encounters With The Shroud,”  and  “Unmasking the Future”,  Pastor Caspar McCloud will share such insights with you.

Child care is also provided.

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon.
The Upper Room



To bring people to a faith through the transforming power of Christ, raise them up in that faith, and then send them out to share the faith through their areas of influence.


No matter what else we’re doing, we hold steadfast to four values that are supported by love and define who we are:

  • Transformational Biblical teaching
  • Engaging worship
  • Authentic community
  • Service-based outreach


To create a community of followers marked by steadfast faith and unconditional agape love of Christ.


***Disclosure: The things shared are for informational purposes only, not to replace any medical advice or treatment. We are ministers, not doctors, but working together with your doctor and dealing with issues of the heart may help you find your freedom and restoration and health.***

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