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New Tariffs, “Economic Surrender is Over”

President Trump signed into law tariffs against China to protect jobs and American technology. The President estimates the U.S. has a $375-$500 billion trade deficit with China who is stealing intellectual property and technology. Trump said the Chinese built their country on American money through unfair trade, and we should think of these tariffs as a way to ensure reciprocal trade.

Vice President Pence said with these tariffs, the “economic surrender is over.” The President will be negotiating contracts with various countries, including China, upon which he plans to impose tariffs worth up to $60 billion. He said we are recovering years of damage and abuse by other countries.

The response was varied, with some Democrats favoring the tariffs and some Republicans in opposition.

  • The Chinese foreign minister said they hope for compromise; but immediately imposed a list of reciprocal tariffs on pork, wine, fruit and steel purchased from the U.S.
  • The stock market lost 724 points, a 3 percent drop
  • Investors switched to gold futures and other safe-haven assets
  • Politicians and business leaders fear there will be a trade war
  • The National Association of Manufacturers warns prices for consumer goods may rise as a result

Why this Matters: the White House is also filing suit against the World Trade Organization, which the President calls “a disaster for us.” It is such a change to finally have a man at the helm who is sticking up for our country.


How to Pray: For God’s direction as Trump negotiates these contracts and for these tariffs to quickly begin bearing fruit.

Senate Approves $1.3 Billion Budget


Late Thursday, the Senate voted to approve a $1.3 billion budget sent up from the House. It contains:

  • $655 billion for defense, including salary raises for our military
  • $48 billion for homeland security
  • $21 billion for infrastructure
  • $1.6 billion for barriers and technology at the border

Why this Matters: The bill is 22,000 pages long and is a problem for conservatives, especially the House members of the Freedom Caucus. They are concerned because we’ve just reached a new debt “high” of $21 trillion. The President has said he will sign the bill. It is a six-month stopgap and Congress will have to come up with a new budget to be voted on in October.


Start praying now for the next budget! This one is probably a lost cause, but we can ask the Lord to bring this spending spree under control and also hold our representatives responsible. Let us also be good stewards of our own finances, so the enemy can’t hold our own irresponsibility against us.

The Master Strategist Wants to Testify

Trump lawyer John Dowd, who says he “loves the President” resigned Thursday morning over difference of opinion on the Mueller investigation. Trump wants to testify, but Dowd thinks it’s a bad idea. He staunchly defended the President, saying Trump “has a terrific case, and has proved it to the Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team in spades… I am so proud of the President’s transparency, and how anyone could accuse him of obstruction after the President’s extraordinary cooperation is beyond me.”

After the tariff press conference, the President was asked again about testifying before special counsel Mueller. He said he wanted to–yet almost everyone who supports Trump, and many who don’t, think it’s a terrible idea.

Democrats and the MSM argue that if Mueller’s investigation were shut down, it would create a Constitutional crisis.

The Q Perspective:

Our Trump insider Q group has warned us to keep track of misspellings in Trump’s tweets. They aren’t accidents! Let’s take a look at the most recent misspelling, related to this issue of the special counsel.

Trump misspelled special council (should be counsel) and also misspelled whether–left out the h–but later corrected it. He also said “the” twice, as in: I was opposed the the selection…” but later corrected the tweet to swap out “the” for “to,” so it reads as shown in the image above.

Many people don’t recognize the difference between counsel (advice; counselor is an advisor) and a council (generally a group). What if the President is telegraphing to his supporters that this isn’t some random spelling error; this is a message. Q has told us that Mueller is actually a “white hat,” working to expose the corruption behind the phony Trump dossier.

Mueller met with the President before the investigation began in order to interview for the job of FBI director, even though Mueller is ineligible. He was in charge of the Uranium One investigation and should have exposed Clinton/Obama crimes then, but didn’t. Does the President have this information and did he use it to offer Mueller a choice: help expose the bigger fish and get a lighter sentence for your own crimes?

Of course this is all speculation. But it would be interesting if Mueller is indeed part of the “council for the President” and not just a special “counselor.”

Biden at Assault Rally–no Room to Brag

Joe Biden was the guest speaker at a rally in Miami to stand against sexual assault on women. Biden took on the President, referencing the decade-old audio of Trump bragging about his persuasion with women. Biden said he would have beaten the “hell” out of Trump in they had been in high school together. The President responded by tweeting:

“Crazy Joe Biden is trying to act like a tough guy. Actually, he is weak, both mentally and physically, and yet he threatens me, for the second time, with physical assault. He doesn’t know me, but he would go down fast and hard, crying all the way. Don’t threaten people Joe!”

Apparently, the organizers of this rally didn’t do their homework. There are videos all over the internet of Biden being inappropriate with women and little girls.

How to Pray: For the strength of our nation to return as we repent and get back to the things God has blessed–reliance on Him and the pursuit of goodness and truth, mercy, righteousness and peace.


2 Chron. 7:14 – If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways;
then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

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