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Multiple People Injured in Shooting at YouTube HQ

A shooter began firing at the YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California, on Tuesday afternoon.

Police say the Nasim Aghdam shot her boyfriend before taking her own life. Three people are being treated at area hospitals, including the boyfriend who is 37 and fighting for his life.

The shooter:
“Nasim the Persian Azeri female vegan bodybuilder,” is an animal rights activist promoting healthy and humane living. Nasim produced and launched the first Persian TV commercial and music video (Do You Dare) regarding animal rights and veganism through international Iranian satellite Television in 2010,” according to the “About” section on her YouTube channel.

Pray for the healing of the victims. May they find Jesus Christ and the Father through this experience.

Rom. 8:28 – And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

Trump Sends Military to Protect Border as Caravan of Immigrants Nears U.S.

An annual caravan of immigrants fleeing from Central and South America has threatened to invade the U.S. across our southern border. The President has been addressing this issue on Twitter. On Tuesday he tweeted:

“The big Caravan of People from Honduras, now coming across Mexico and heading to our “Weak Laws” Border, had better be stopped before it gets there. Cash cow NAFTA is in play, as is foreign aid to Honduras and the countries that allow this to happen. Congress MUST ACT NOW!”

The Mexican government is helping the people by arranging buses to transport them to the border. This massive invasion of people is said to be families, but a closer look at the photos reveals most of them are young men. The number may be as high as 5,000, but they are deceptively broken into smaller groups.

The group who organized the caravan, Pueblo sin Fronteras, issued a statement demanding the U.S. opens the borders “because we are as much citizens as the people of countries where we are and/or travel.”

The President announced Tuesday he will be sending the military to intercede. The current policy, established under Obama, is to “catch and release” illegals, so Trump hopes they will turn back before reaching the U.S.

There are several loopholes in the law that make it hard to keep asylum seekers out:

  1. One loophole prevents authorities from detaining most families and unaccompanied children while their cases are pending in immigration court. They are released and asked to show up for a hearing, but never do.
  2. A second loophole is our extremely lenient rules on who can start.
  3. And a third loophole allows people who come from other countries and traverse through Mexico to claim asylum in the U.S. They cannot be turned around.

The agents are being pulled from the border in order to process the newcomers and there are gaps in security. They are mandated by law to meet processing deadlines and are sued by the Leftists if those are not met.

Most of those apprehended are from Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and El Salvador, but many are Chinese nationals. Honduras is used as a gathering point for people from all over the world, including majority-Muslim nations. It is also a focal point for human smuggling networks.

On Monday, Texas Governor Gregg Abbott deployed the National Guard and Department of Public Safety to the border. Agents in the Rio Grande Valley Sector continue to be overwhelmed by the numbers of illegals. Consider this:

  • Feb. 2018 – 9,603 apprehended: 1,387 unaccompanied minors and 3,222 partial families
  • Oct-Feb – 52,000 apprehended: 7,000 unaccompanied minors and 20,000 partial families

The President will impose a new quota system on judges in an effort to speed up deportations. The judges’ job performance will be based on requirements including closing 700 cases a year and having fewer than 15 percent of their decisions sent back by a higher court. The judges’ union pushed back against the new quotas. There is a current backlog of 600,000 cases pending. The system goes into effect October 1.

On Sunday, the President threatened to kill NAFTA (North American Free Trade Association) if Mexico didn’t stop the caravan. If the people reach the U.S. border, they can claim asylum as a family unit and according to U.S. law, must be released into our country. The only fix is through legislation, thus Trump’s exhortation that “Congress must act now.”

Tuesday evening it was announced Trump’s strategy worked: the President said the caravan had broken up, and Mexico did that. Trump said border security will be part of NAFTA, and until the wall is built the military is going to guard the border. He also threatened to pull aid from Honduras unless they stop the flow of illegal immigrants.

In the past, Obama encouraged the flow as part of the global agenda to pull down America’s borders. The new immigrant children were taken in most often by Leftist families.

In one month in 2014, Baptist Child and Family Services Emergency Management Division (BCFS-EMD), were given $190,707,505 of our tax dollars for resettlement of these minor children. The head of the Baptist organization was paid $477,799 in 2012; total wages for all employees of BCFS-EMD that year was $33 million.

After the children were settled temporarily with these American families, the rest of the children’s biological (or so we assume) family was brought in; they make up the DACA or “dreamer” population in the U.S. As documented in an internal memo by Jennifer Palmieri of the DNC, this is a solid voting block for the Democrats and therefore they cannot make any sort of deal with Republicans to fix the problem.

Why this Matters: The globalist agenda is to destroy borders and bring everyone under one government. This is easier to accomplish if the American culture and Christianity are watered down or rendered inconsequential. Under Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” (the book he dedicated to Lucifer, the first rebel), he advises removing the ability of people to defend themselves so you can create a police state, and increasing poverty as high as possible because poor people are easy to control. They will not fight back if you are providing everything for them to live.

Pray for the President to remain firm and hear God’s direction for his policies. Pray for the ICE agents and other law enforcement officials and our military who bravely face danger in order to keep us safe. Pray also for the downfall of any organization that promotes illegal activity.

Left’s Move to Oust Conservative Fails

Laura Ingraham is a conservative Christian who hosts a show on Fox News. Last week, she tweeted an article about the outspoken David Hogg, who has become the face of the anti-gun movement following the Parkland shooting. Hogg is a student at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School and has recently talked about the travails of getting accepted to college.

Ingraham tweeted that Hogg is whining about being rejected by those colleges. The backlash was immediate, even though she apologized. Hogg targeted Ingraham’s advertisers on Twitter and pressured them to withdraw as sponsors.

There was plenty of fake news saying Ingraham would be fired from Fox. Not so. The network issued a statement in support of Ingraham and criticized the agenda-driven intimidation efforts and said they would not allow voices to be censored.

Why this Matters: David Hogg is being used by the Leftists/Progressives. It was recently discovered that the March for Our Lives, supposedly a grassroots response to the shooting, was actually organized months in advance.

Way to go, Fox! Pray that these sorts of intimidation tactics and efforts to silence conservative voices will fall flat.

Russia-Collusion Investigation News

Just announced: Robert Mueller has told Trump’s attorney that the President is not a criminal target of his investigation, but is still being investigated for obstruction of justice.

The Mueller team released a “secret memo” they say justifies the indictment of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort. The memo, dated August, 2017, is heavily redacted (blacked-out) and cites financial crimes related to foreign lobbying. It relies heavily on Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosentstein’s statement about the appointment of Mueller as special counsel.

The two indictments say Manafort:

  • earned tens of million of dollars in Ukraine
  • laundered much of the money
  • failed to register as a foreign agent
  • cheated on his taxes
  • has ties to Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska

Manafort has denied the allegations and pled not guilty. Since his appointment as special counsel, Mueller has charged 19 people (including 13 Russians). Five pled guilty and one, a Dutch lawyer named Alex van der Zwaan, was sentenced in federal court on Tuesday for lying to the FBI. He faces 30 days in jail and a fine of $20,000.

Why this Matters: None of the indictments against Manafort have anything to do with Donald Trump and happened long before the campaign.

Continue praying for all the details to be exposed and that the guilty will be brought to justice.

Other News


  • There is another encouraging story: the Huntington Beach City Council has voted to sue the state of California over its unconstitutional sanctuary city law.
  • President Trump held a joint press conference with the leaders of three Baltic states: Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. The U.S. signed liquid gas agreements, which the leaders say will allow them to be independent. Other issues involved refining trade imbalances and military cooperation with U.S. and EU.
  • Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon and owner of the Washington Post has seen his personal wealth fall by $16.3 billion. Amazon stocks are down 12.9 percent, but still up over 2017. There are 60-90 million Amazon Prime members. The President has recently tweeted about the unfair advantages Amazon has in taxes and postal rates.

Joshua 21:44-45 – And the LORD gave them rest round about, according to all that he sware unto their fathers: and there stood not a man of all their enemies before them; the LORD delivered all their enemies into their hand. There failed not ought of any good thing which the LORD had spoken unto the house of Israel; all came to pass.