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We at St. Martins Church leadership have had the pleasure of our guest minister Pastor Caspar McCloud several times over the last few years and want to say a big Thank you.
Each time he has shared the Gospel from our church pulpit we have been tremendously blessed  by his preaching and teaching. We have felt the presence of the Lord overtake us in these meetings.
Pastor Caspar was always willing to spend extra time ministering to people individually and there were a number of people who have said they received healing’s physically, spiritually and emotionally as he prayed in the almighty name of Jesus.

This past year Pastor Caspar and his wife Joan came and taught a weekend conference based on his book What Was I Thinking? Helping us understand how our thoughts effect our health and well being. A number of people have said it was life changing information.
He also played some of his original anointed music and lead us in worship at our regular Sunday morning service.

We would like to take this opportunity to highly recommend him to your church. Please feel free to contact me at…..

Mr. Roy Wiley
Part of the leadership team
St. Martins Church
339 Folkestone Road
Dover, Kent
CT17 9JG

When I see and hear Pastor Casper speak the Word, all I can think is “The Heart Of God!” This man has the Heart of our Lord, he peacefully but powerfully delivers it.

David Heavener

Writer – Director – Producer of Over 40 Feature Films

Including the Last Evangelist TV Serie


At any moment in the life of Caspar McCloud, many recognized his gifting in art, writing and music.
McCloud shares excellent artistic creations especially about the Good News of the Creator that he loves.
Caspar is an exciting addition to any ministry and artistic line-up.

George Flores
Broadcast Director

I first met Pastor Caspar McCloud in New York City at SIR studios back in the late 70’s when I asked him to join my band. Unfortunately, he was already engaged and obligated to return back to U.K. Even though we worked over the years with many of the same people and musicians, our paths didn’t cross again until a few years ago. My wife, Jenda, recognized him from playing his song ‘America’ in a popular Trey Smith film. We picked up where we left off in the 70’s and, in fact, Pastor Caspar later introduced us to Trey Smith. Trey and I made a film called ‘HolyLand’ together in Israel soon after. I telephoned Pastor Caspar up several months ago after having a dream and vision one night of seeing us ministering together in concerts, where people in the audience also received supernatural healings when we prayed in Jesus’ name.

He is not only an excellent guitarist, singer and songwriter but he has studied a broad range of subjects, from a biblical perspective and has written several insightful books on helping people understand how thoughts effect our health and also on prophesy.

I would highly recommend him as a guest minister at your church or events. We are planning to do a series of concert-type ministry events together now and would also love to have an opportunity to come share our songs, stories and testimonies with you. Blessings

Rick Derringer

April 5, 2018

Attention Pastors and Event Planners,


For those of you interested in a deeper understanding of the times we live in, I’d like to take this opportunity to highly recommend Pastor Caspar McCloud to come minister at your church or event.

Pastor Caspar is one of our well-loved featured speakers with Hear the Watchmen conferences over the past number of years. He has not only blessed us with his excellent preaching/teaching presentations, but has become our main worship leader.

A number of people who attended our meetings have told us there is a King David type anointing on the music and messages he shares with us, and many of the songs are his own compositions. The Lord inhabits the praises of his people and this also helps set the atmosphere for the crowds to receive what the Lord has for us.

At every Hear the Watchmen conference we have seen hundreds of people saved and many rededications as Pastor Caspar and Pastor Paul Begley give an alter call. We have also gotten numerous testimonies from people being healed both spiritually and physically. Several people have told us his presentations on “how to take all your thoughts captive to Christ” were life changing.

Not surprising he is also a staff writer with Dr. L. A. Marzulli’s magazine PP&S and featured on numerous interviews as well as his own video/radio show “Spiritual Encounters.”

Pastor Caspar has a uniqueness which is, quietly frankly, indescribable. He exudes God’s love and light, as he is a walking testimony of Jesus Christ.  He explores the truth about tough topics in a non-threatening way and blesses the audience with his insight and unpretentious, simple style.  He always is willing to spend one-on-one time with the attendees and gives each of them his full undivided attention and prayer.

Needless to say, if you have not yet invited Pastor Caspar to preach and/or perform worship music at your church or event, you will be blessed to do so.  Feel free to contact us!



Jeannie Moore, Co-founder

Hear the Watchmen Ministries


Mike Spaulding – Soaring Eagle Radio